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Automotive Dealership Store

The average car consists of 12,000 individual parts - 80 percent of which come from suppliers like you. This is reason enough for carmakers to sharply look after quality along the entire supply chain. In addition to the specific requirements of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufakturers), there is a common, internationally recognized basis: IATF 16949.

solar energy

Careful handling of energy resources is one of the most important responsibilities of any organization today.

Occupational health and safety is the task of management

Do you want to keep your employees safe and enable your organization to identify and avoid risks caused by accidents and illnesses? An ISO 45001:2018 management system is a great start.

Working Using Safety Harness
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ISO 27001 provides all the tools you need to implement an integral information security management system (ISMS). It focuses on assessing and controlling risks to information-processing activities.

Certification for medical devices

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200 standards