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Energy ISO 50001:2018

Careful handling of energy resources is one of the most important responsibilities of any organization today. Suitable measures focus on the continuous improvement of energy efficiency, as well as the entire energy-related performance of the organization. The international energy management standard ISO 50001 supplies your organization with an ideal framework: it allows you not only to conserve energy, but also to reduce costs. And what’s more: in many countries, governments grant financial benefits to energy efficient organizations. Are you ready to keep your organization up-to-date on energy matters? Then why don’t you demonstrate your abilities with an ISO 50001 certificate?

Transparency through clear energy planning processes

ISO 50001 is a management system standard that will support your company in implementing a comprehensive energy management system and continuously improving energy performance. In doing so, it focuses on the energy assessment of your company and the implementation of the energy planning process. The most important prerequisites are the systematic recording of the organization's energy flow, the definition of the organization's objectives and action plans, as well as detailed and appropriate monitoring mechanisms. The implementation of legal requirements adds another component of legal certainty..

The energy management system according to ISO 50001 is based on the PDCA cycle, in the same way as ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 - which means that it can be easily integrated into an existing control system. Increased transparency of energy flows will allow you to make a more rigorous assessment of energy performance in your daily workflow. In addition, well-established data analysis will help you identify the potential for savings.

How it works

DQS certification will bring many benefits to your organization in addition to a simple declaration of conformity. In order to achieve the maximum benefits on site, we plan each evaluation in detail and coordinate with you regarding any details, company goals and success factors. A pre-audit from DQS can be used to assess performance in advance and to identify strengths and potential for improvement. In the case of larger certification projects, a project planning meeting is a rare opportunity for your company to meet the chief auditor and jointly prepare a customized evaluation plan for the areas and locations involved.