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Other Services


Companies around the world, ranging from all business sectors, see DQS as their trusted partner management systems certification. Find out what we have to offer via the overview below, or contact us to see how we can be of service.

Inspection and Validation

Product Validation

GC-Mark product validation is a tailor-made solution that enables you to highlight conformity with the specifications you or your clients choose.

You claim it, we check it. Simply let us know according to which specifications you wish to produce and our auditors will perform an on-site validation audit. After we have gathered sufficient evidence that the product in question is indeed produced according to the required specification or standard, you will receive a GC-Mark certificate and the GC-Mark label, both of which are valid for one year.

The label can be applied directly to the product and can be adapted to suit your wishes.

Field Inspection

A field inspection is the perfect means to explore the performance, safety or reliability of a particular site or department. DQS has a pool of over 2000 inspectors to select from, in order to make sure that the inspection team has the know-how and the experience for your type of organization.

During a field inspection, we perform an in-depth analysis of a particular site or a particular department, in accordance with the guidelines of the client. With its extensive experience in quality management, hygiene management, occupational

health & safety, social responsibility and environmental aspects, DQS can provide systematic inspection and accurate reporting.


Possible Areas for Inspection:

  • Quality Management

  • Service Excellence

  • Hygiene Management

  • Occupational Health & Safety

  • Social Responsibility

  • Environmental aspects

  • Consumer safety

  • Compliance

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) is an important instrument for supply chain management. It enables clients to check the quality, quantity and compliance of the goods they have bought. Inspection by DQS offers you an independent third-party verification that the quality standards, specifications, contractual requirements and legal regulations have been met.


DQS can help you with:

  • Controlling the quality and consistency of goods

  • checking the quantity of goods and packing

  • Checking all documentation, such as test reports, lab evidence, item lists

  • Checking appropriate handling during loading, as well as stowing and fastening for transportation

  • Verifying compliance with the standards and specifications of the buyer or the destination region/country

Because the DQS Group is represented in any part of the world, we can assist you with pre-shipment inspection across the globe.

Quantity Control

Quantity control is an important aspect in the relationship with a supplier. To ensure that all contractual obligations have been met, and to prevent any possible disputes, a verification by an independent third party can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

DQS has the manpower and the expertise to conduct quantity control in any part of the world.