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Environmental management


Companies around the world, ranging from all business sectors, see DQS as their trusted partner management systems certification. Find out what we have to offer via the overview below, or contact us to see how we can be of service.

ISO 26000

Is your organization serious about the topics and possible courses of action of corporate social responsibility? Do you want to focus your management on CSR, and thereby profess your own commitment to it? The internationally applicable guideline ISO 26000, which is not subject to certification, can guide you in this. ISO 26000 is not only concerned with the mechanisms of management and control, but also with the value systems, ways of thinking, and modes of behavior and conduct. DQS supports you by competently analyzing your systems on site. We define essential issues in your organization, show you how existing management systems can be applied, and assess your organization according to internationally recognized standards.  


During the approximately five years of development of ISO 26000, a global agreement was reached regarding the understanding and definition of “Social Responsibility”. The guideline summarizes the most important principles and issues for socially responsible management. In doing so, the requirements of very diverse stakeholders have been taken into account, such as customers, consumers, partners, governments, trade associations, and investors.

Substantially, ISO 26000 comprises the previous subject areas from social responsibility and sustainability standards. Among others, it defines consumer needs, environmental protection and work practices as the core areas for socially responsible action. The requirements have been shaped by international guidelines such as those of the ILO

(International Labour Organization) and OECD, the principles of the UN Global Compact, and the requirements of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).



Our support includes, among other things, defining the most significant issues in the processes of your organization. This contributes to your ability to meet the requirements imposed by future scenarios (risk management or pro-active stakeholder dialogue). We point out to what extent management systems already implemented can be used or augmented to address aspects of social responsibility (e.g.  ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001), and we identify standards that can be certified against and that may be a useful addition (e.g. IQNet SR10, Validation of corporate reporting according to GRI, SA 8000, or Carbon Footprint).