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Quality management


Companies around the world, ranging from all business sectors, see DQS as their trusted partner management systems certification. Find out what we have to offer via the overview below, or contact us to see how we can be of service.



The quality of services offered by schools and educational institutions is of fundamental importance – as a selection criterion for learners, and for teachers as a tool for continuing further development and for positioning themselves against the competition. The Q2E model developed by the University for Applied Sciences Nordwestschweiz (Switzerland) offers a framework for configuring a quality management system. In doing so, the model focuses on the

development of lessons plans, which is to be improved on the basis of a variety of evaluation procedures. It also includes quality criteria, such as for the areas of school administration and leadership. For your school or educational institution, we offer assessments according to Q2E performed by our sector-experienced auditors, with subsequent certification. The certificate is a clear sign that shows your school to be a “learning organization”.  


Developed during a six-year project, the Q2E model – Quality through Evaluation and Development – is designed for the step-by-step development of quality at your school. It is based on an interchange of evaluation and continuous optimization, which rests on three concepts:

The Q2E action model provides you with the most important issues, starting with the development of the quality statement and continuing with individual feedback, self-evaluation, control of processes by the school administration, external school evaluation and finally the external audit and certification by DQS.

The Q2E function model describes the key functions “development” and “accountability”, which are allocated both on an individual and an institutional level each; the two are diametrically opposed.

The Q2E reference framework is a well-structured collection of quality characteristics that a “good school” may be expected to fulfill. It consists of four quality areas that have been allocated to three

dimensions for the purpose of clarity. From these result the twelve so-called quality dimensions.

In June 2012, DQS became the first German certification body to be accredited by the University for Applied Sciences Nordwestschweiz according to Q2E – a unique sign of trust in our expertise. 


As a first step, the Q2E model requires your facility to undergo a critical self-review and the willingness to modify established structures and to continuously work on further development. Then your quality management system will be evaluated by approved school evaluators. Their positive recommendation is prerequisite for a certification to Q2E. Their report provides the DQS auditor with insight into the effectiveness of your school’s quality management, and confirms the certification readiness as determined in the external school evaluation. Finally, during the certification audit on site, you present your quality management and demonstrate its effectiveness in audit interviews. Subject to how many quality dimensions you have selected from the three quality areas, the Q2E certificate is available in two versions: Q2E Advanced (six dimensions) or Q2E Master (nine dimensions).